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Chiefstone, a Chinese expert manufacturer & exporter.
With over 25 years of professional  experience in developing & manufacturing
welding & cutting products, Our business operation have been diversified
to respond to market needs at  home and abroad.


We are  not only committed in providing our clients with a variety of high  
performance products to choose from, but also affordable solutions for
OEM  and ODM Manufacturing, supporting customers through exceptional
modification, and rebuild services when needed.

Leader in welding and cutting

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Products since 1995

Chiefstone (Sinoweld) started 25 years ago as one of the first welding and cutting products companies in China.
We value excellence, efficiency and clear communication and pledge to : Satisfy our customers' demands to the great extent. Act with empathy, honesty, and integrity in all of our engagements.

We Provide right Products and service

Since our founding in 1995, Chiefstone(Sinoweld) has worked with more than 1,200 global companies, including many of the world-famous companies.
Even as our organization grows, we remain committed to providing the right products and solutions for each client.


MIG ARC200 Welding mchine

The new Digital MIG ARC 200 features a full digital functionality as seen in the image below, plus it provides a new feature called synergic welding. these popular MIG welding machines are one of the first of it's kind to provide a compact MIG / TIG / ARC Welding Inverter. Ideal for the DIY Hobbyist and can handle light industrial welding, this machine is small enough to handle in any welding environmen. With a built-in wire feeder suitable for 5kg wire spools, ARC Welding Cable Kit for MMA  welding and a 2 metre MB15 MIG Torch.

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Mapp Torch SC4000

Acrossing Torch is built with instant on/off ignition, an adjustable ultra-swirl flame and flame lock option for continuous use. It is pressure regulated for consistent performance when inverted, making it ideal for large diameter soldering, light brazing, woodworking and cooking.

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