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Garden Torch SC109

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Garden Torch SC109

  • ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY - No chemicals needed, the heat blast destroys the plant cell structure so the weeds don't grow back making your garden and pavement weed free leaving your garden perfect for the kids and family.
  • EASY TO USE - Features an ergonomic insulated handle grip ensuring comfort while using the weed burner.
  • VARIETY OF USES - Can be used on weeds as well as de-icing pavements, de-icing brass water pipes or even lighting barbecue grills.
  • NO CHEMICALS NEEDED - The weed burner will blast plants with intensive heat, their is no need to buy any chemicals, the heat from the weed burner will cause the weeds to wither and die within a few days.
  • UNIQUE LOCKING CYLINDER - The weed burner features a unique cylinder lock ensuring no leakage.

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