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1. CE approved gas regulator

2. Stable performance

3. Accurate

4. For Tig and Mig welding

5. Preset gas regulator
Code  GAS Operation Metering Input Output
Number Pressure(Mpa) Range(LPM) Connection Connection
MD-0167   0.4 0.1-3 M14x1.5 G1/4-19   
MD-0168 Argon 1-10 M14x1.5 M12x1
MD-0169 CO2 1-15 M14x1.5 Ф8mm
MD-0170 Oxygen 1-25 M14x1.5  
MD-0171   3-30 M14x1.5 M10x1
MD-0172   5-45 G3/8-19 G3/8-19 Ф8mm

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